Frequently Asked Questions

A midwife is a healthcare provider that specializes in normal pregnancy and birth. In California, Licensed Midwives must graduate from accredited schools and be licensed by the Medical Board. We primarily attend births in homes and birth centers, and follow the Midwives Model of Care. At Simi Valley Birth Center, we provide all of your prenatal and postpartum care, support you through your labor and birth, and assess your baby’s wellbeing after birth. We also offer preconception and routine gynecological care.

As midwives, we believe that normal birth is best supported when you feel comfortable and safe. Our birth center is designed specifically with that in mind. Rooms are spacious and private; you can labor in water, use a squat bar, or even give birth on a birth stool if you desire. We do not give you medication to speed up your labor or administer epidurals, but instead use our skills and education to support you in a natural birth. Emergency supplies and medications are readily available, but they are kept out of sight unless needed. This encourages a comfortable, home-like environment.

As midwives, one of our jobs is to keep an eye out for “red flags” that could indicate problems in your labor. We will discuss problem signs together and, if needed, transfer you to a hospital prepared for higher risk care. We also carry emergency supplies and medication if care is needed while transferring you to a hospital. The vast majority of transports in labor are for non-emergency reasons, but if an unexpected emergency were to occur, the closest hospital is minutes away.

We believe birth is a family event, and that you choose your family. Our birth center is designed to accommodate whoever you desire to have at your birth; we do not have any restrictions.

Current California law allows midwives to work with clients who have a history of cesarean section. We would be happy to review your previous operative report and meet with you for a complimentary consultation.

Absolutely! We frequently perform water births. Each of our birth suites has a tub specifically selected for water birth. If you’d prefer to birth out of the water, we do that too.

We do not have a midwife on site 24/7, so you must be a client of Simi Valley Birth Center before you are in labor. That being said, we do accept late transfers in months where we have availability in our calendar. Give us a call!

We accept Gold Coast and some other Medi-Cal insurances, as well as most PPO plans. Cash pay rates are available, and we do accept FSA and HSA. Please contact us with your insurance information, and we will be happy to verify your benefits for you.